Aspects Of Oil Painting On Canvas

Oil painting on canvas has been around for centuries. It is a style where images are sketched directly onto the canvas and then painted over with oil-based paints. These are usually paints with linseed oil as their base, but safflower oil is another common type of oil included instead. The following aspects focus on painting with oil-based paints.

Priming the Canvas:

Once the canvas has been stretched, it needs to be primed before paint oil paints can be applied to it. This is relatively easy process and requires the purchase of acrylic gesso. If a pre-stretched canvas was purchased, then it may already be treated. It's a good idea to check when buying the canvas. There's no since spending time on this step if it isn't necessary. Be sure to shake the container well before applying it to the canvas. One coat will leave a much rougher appearance than multiple coats. Gesso will dry quickly. Make sure the first coat is dry before adding another.

Fat Over Lean:

This term refers to the amount of oil present in each layer of paint. It is important to keep track of this concept, in order to eliminate cracking of the paint when it dries. Some oil paints take a couple of days to dry while others takes a couple of weeks. This varying time is also dependent on the level of oil in the paint. Lean oil paint has less oil and dries faster than fat oil paint. So, the term Lean Over Fat is used to remind the artist to apply paint with more oil over one with less. The more layers there are on the painting, the more oil should be present in each additional layer.

Solvents and Resins:

Solvents are added to the paint to dissolve the resin when cleaning up and they are also added for changing the way oil paints work. These solvents will evaporate over time and are very flammable. Common solvents include; turpentine, mineral spirits, citrus-based thinners, and alkyd-based mediums. Turpentine is the most common solvent used and it has a quick evaporation rate. Mineral spirits have a medium evaporation rate and aren't as easily absorbed through the skin; these can also be purchased in an odorless form.

While citrus-based thinners don't have as offensive on an odor as the two previous forms of solvent, they still produce harmful vapors. There are citrus-based thinners that are manufactured out of food-grade citrus oil. Some of these are also combined with a solvent that is non-flammable and non-toxic, which is much better for the person using it. The alkyd-based mediums are great for speeding up the drying time of most oil-based paints.

Drying Oils:

Different oils allow for varying drying times in oil-based paints, as well as adding a yellowing effect to the paints. Linseed oil comes from the flax plant, dries thoroughly, and can be used with all colors. Stand oil takes a longer time to dry than linseed oil, but it provides a finish that is smooth and looks like enamel. Poppy seed oil is very pail and is often used with light colors and white, due to the less yellowing that occurs when it dries. It takes between 5 to 7 days to dry, which is longer than what it takes for linseed oil.

Safflower oil has similar properties to poppy seed oil, but it dries faster. Walnut oil is very thin and often used to make paints more fluid for use. Each artist has his/her preference to the type of oils used when oil painting on canvas.

The Propagation Of An Ideal

The technique that had made pop art canvas a staple in every single modernist and overtly simplified home can be credited to a theory that had lead to the ultimate expression ?beauty lies in the eye of the beholder?. The pop art movement had been opened a house full of opportunity to all relativists and believers of the unique.

The relativity in the utilisation of materials and the subject of pop art canvas, a rather popular sub-branch of the movement, can be credited to the belief to which the term ?pop art? had been coined from: that change is constant. The theme and the core of pop art canvas is the perfect exemplification of the evolution of pop art.

What is new today is wrecked tomorrow. What is popular now will be weakened by the future.

Deep Inside, Each Person is an Artist

Andy Warhol had been quoted to have said, ?(i)n the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes?. A contemporary of pop art can be likened to a fertile field, an acre full of space that can be cultivated. If asked to interpret what Warhol had believed when he had said that phrase, he is supposed and expected to say, ?everything is relative?.

Pop art as a movement had desired nothing but the perfect expressionism. In their approach to relativity and uniqueness, known luminaries and proponents of pop art had not necessitated that only what is popular be rendered with their technique. It can be deduced that leaders of the movement had strived to consciously spread to the consumers the works of arts that are hidden behind the things that they had taken for granted. The ?Installation of Campbell?s Soup Cans? does not represent his obsession with the popular consumer good but of his perspective on how a mass produced can be a source of art. Further, each advertising and marketing strategy of each consumer product is the ramification of an innovation and idea. Someone behind the advertising agency had exerted effort to achieve the design that had made is so distinguishable and discernible. Irrelevant of how pure the commercial motive of the makers of the famous soup, consumers could not ignore the fact that the label and the design is one of the most vital factors where they source their trust and preference from.

Take Risk: Be an Artist

Doing is the difference between dreaming and achieving. You need to take the necessary step to know whether or not there exists within you a descendant of the movement. One of the simplest and fundamental techniques in creating your very own pop art masterpiece is to render your portrait with technologies that had been the foundation of pop art canvas.

The primary step in creating a pop art canvas is to start with the simplest and a subject that you are comfortable with: you. With digital photography, you could easily achieve a unique and true representation of an Andy Warhol work. From this point, it is best on referring to other pop art that had been done by Andy Warhol. Source your creativity from how Warhol had used colours in Mick Jagger, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Elvis Presley for a depiction that is different for each one. A colourful and vibrant portrait pop art canvas on a dull space can be as refreshing as lemonade on a Sunday afternoon.

Some Points About Abstract Flower Paintings

For the decoration of office, a decorator recommends a multiple flower paintings, as there are different tastes among the employees. The appropriate choice would be a bouquet of flowers or you may opt for the assorted route and select a painting of flower which would fulfil the demand of closeness and variety which is obtained naturally. Abstract flower paintings of a single type would be ideal in smaller areas like a reading corner, where the clearness of intention which a nook for reading implies may ideally be matched with a simple and single subject of art work. Flower paintings may be available in various shades which are obtained naturally, or, if you follow a fantastic theme or a fairy-tale, the colours may be supernatural, like a blue rose. This type of thing would even become a starter for conversation, therefore, you should select suitably your theme, a supernatural flower inside a kitchen painting, for example, can divert the attention of guests from the nice food which you are arranging. Within abstract flower paintings, floral themes may be selected by an indication of rippling leaf of fern or a petal swirl, and the mind of the observer provides the rest.

It is not sufficient for you to obtain an ideal outcome from contemporary art prints. What you require is the thing which will appear ideal during all times. It is owing to the reason that you choose them which become part of your decor in home. This just signifies that you might have guests who would notice it. So as to turn your photos appear ideal on contemporary art, some things are there to consider. In order to produce the ideal selection of picture, some key things you have to keep in mind. Each highlights and represents important features of the work of art. You will have to be proficient with all those things if you like to ensure you would get the ideal one. Contemporary art prints comes into life since the pictures which you update in many websites, it shows the idea you like the firm to concentrate on. It reflects also that specific part of your home you like to increase. When you have selected the photos to become relevant for your work, then you should hear on the size also of the real output. Contemporary art primarily depends on the measurements of the area where the art of the work will be placed on. It can be indicative of the price you pay for the result.

Points To Remember While Making Painting

When it comes to make a painting, most of the artists think of different ideas. They search for many things around them to improve their creation. Sometimes they do not get much thought and make unimpressive painting. To attract others toward your artwork, you should look to create it by doing some extensive research. Generally, people want to represent their feeling in paintings. Therefore, you should first know what you want out of it.

If you have a hobby to make painting and want to convert it as a profession, you should first attract others toward it. Your main goal should be to make it eye-catching. There can be several things which you can consider while making painting. In this article, you can read few of them.

Make a Sketch: It is like all other work and if you do some advance planning, you can do it in a better way. Make a rough sketch of your painting and see how it looks. Show it to different people and ask them about it. They are like your general audience. If you want to sell it and make some money, it should be acceptable by others. A sketch gives you a good idea to use colors, shades and designs. You can use a pencil to make a sketch and if you feel any mistakes, it can be easily erased using rubber.

Type of Painting: There can be different types of paintings such as Figurative, Sculptures and Paper Collages, Digital or Abstract paintings. If you have an idea about the right one which you want to make, it helps you a lot while designing it. This is an art and everyone cannot do it. Generally, people say that painters are born not created. Most of the experts are also agree with this. But you never know whether you have a hidden talent without checking it practically. To start with the thing, you should first lean some information about it so that you can get better idea.

Write Down Important Points: Whenever you get any good thought, just note it down in a piece of paper. The better you think, the finest painting you make. So, think as much as you can and even out of the world. Give a boost to your imagination power. Generally, whenever we get important points, we do not note and later on forget them. Never miss such kind of opportunity and jot down all of them.

Go to Exhibition: You can look for many painting exhibitions around you. Just search them and visit to these places. There you can find many people who have interest in same art. You can share your experience and learn some tips from them. Even you can meet with well-known painters in exhibitions. Catch hold of them, whenever they come across with you. Ask them each and everything and clarify your doubts. You can rely on their suggestions because they are expert in this field.

Visit Natural Places: Whether you talk about old or modern paintings, nature always plays a big role in it. We all are part of the nature and it attracts many people. If you make a painting related to it, viewers will certainly show interest. For this, you can visit to natural places like mountains, hills, forest, beaches etc. In those places, you will get more ideas about your artwork and then you can design it by your heart and soul.

Good Quality of Materials: To get a desired result, you should look to use good quality of paper, colors and paintbrush. These are important to represent your thought in a better Inspired: Do you have something which inspires you a lot? If, yes, you can bring picture of it in front of you or thought of it while making your creation. It motivates you whenever you feel depressed.

Best Canvas Prints Start With High Quality Images

Over the years, photography is pursued as a hobby by many people and to some, it turned out to be a career for them. It is the passion of almost everyone. Using our own digital camera or cell phone camera, we love to click some good pictures anytime. To really enjoy seeing or viewing these pictures for several years, they should be printed on high quality canvas. In order to achieve the best quality on your canvas prints, photo resolution is one of the most important things you should consider.

The resolution of an image is the size of the digital image produced by the camera. An image printed from a digital camera is made up of tiny dots called pixels. The term pixel is derived from the words "picture element", referring to the smallest dot in an image that is used to store color. The number of pixels determines the resolution.

It is advantageous if you have a camera with a higher resolution because you will have more pixels to work on which is very essential when converting your photos into a large format print called canvas prints. If your photos have higher resolution or more pixels, they will remain clear and picture details are intact, when increased in size. As they say, high quality prints start with high quality images. Photography is best handled by cameras with high mega pixels.

You should also be aware that cropping affects the resolution of an image. Whenever you crop a photo, its resolution is decreased by reducing its number of pixels, thus affecting the image's suitability for certain canvas size prints.

When deciding to convert your images into photo on canvas, it is a good idea to know if these images have the proper resolution in order to get the desired clarity. Also make sure that your chosen printing company has a picture checking tool that will tell you whether the image you uploaded has the ideal resolution for the canvas size you want. It is difficult to improve the quality of images with low resolution. Printing companies can add pixels through a process known as interpolation, but this cannot add clarity. These images will still look blur even when printed on high quality canvas.

For canvas prints, choose your photo with utmost care. Make sure that the resolution of the picture should be proportionate to the canvas size. In the end, it will be you and your guests who will benefit from the beautiful canvas prints displayed on your walls.

A Very Good Way to Brighten up Your Home

It is only the end of march and already the sun has shown it's face so it is coming up for that time of year again the time of year we all look forward to yes you guessed it is nearly summer again a time for partying in the garden bbq's everywhere and days in the park pretty much anything that gets you out in the sun, but summer can also be a great time of year for doing things round the house. All of those little jobs that you have been putting off all winter are all waiting for you to get up and do them well this is a great time of year to get all of those little or even big jobs done no one likes going out and doing things in a bleak grey winter you just cannot seem to get motivated when it is so dull not to mention the cold if I have things to do to the outside of the house or in the garden I just cannot bring myself to just get up and get it done but when the sun comes out it is a different story I can't wait to get out there and get things done I think it is a common thing when the sun starts to come out we start to come out it's so true just walking round in summer you see people walking round that you haven't seen all winter, so why not use this motivation to get things done get up and get the garden done clean the gutters out do the windows and get those touch ups done round the house then relax in the sun after a job well done.

As I mentioned in the summer I along with many others are at bbq's, so you may have many people round the house old friends and new and it's important to make a good impression weather it is the first time they have seen your house before or not, for one if you are in the garden then first things first you want to have a nice inviting garden or at least well kept no one wants to be cleaning up when they get there, but there will also be a lot of traffic going in and out of your house so it's nice to do some touch ups round the house to make the place look nice for you and your guests, this year I have bought a few canvas print and it looked great and really brighten up my home as canvas printing is very popular these days so you won't have any problems finding a business online who can supply all of your photo canvas needs you can have one of your family photos or a picture of anything printed on to canvas or a buy a original work of art on canvas the prices are very competitive as there are allot of people out there doing it that is the tips for inside and out have a great summer and thanks for reading. I really love canvas prints as they seem to give your home a burst of life and i would recommend anyone to them if they wanted to do something different with their photos.

Amazing Variety in The Textile Art The Tapestry

When your eyes are hooked at a tapestry on the wall of your friend's home, you don't know the art bears a long history. You just admire the sense of your friend in decorating his home. At most you appreciate the artist who knitted the nice design over the textile for your pleasure. You don't know the history or other details how it is made; you just wish to have one like it at your home as well. You can have one easily but knowing a little of its history and other facts is not bad; I would provide you some interesting information about history, techniques and modern day tapestry in this section.


A vertical loom is mostly used to weave a tapestry, interweaving threads i.e. warps and wefts cross each other at right angle. Wefts that are vertical are visible to you while the horizontal warps are hidden behind them only supporting them. The wefts are of various colors and give the amazing colorful look to the tapestry by being broken only to give room to weft of other color. This pattern of discontinuity is repeated again and again in a tapestry. So densely are they knitted on the continuous and intact warps that you don't feel the discontinuity.

There is one more difference between the two Ws. The wefts are mostly woolen threads while the warps are cotton. As the sophistication goes higher the visible wefts may be golden or silver threads too.


The tapestry became popular way of decorating because of their royals in ancient times kept on moving from one place to other and tapestry were easy to be transported to new places. In royal buildings precious tapestries could be kept safe only to be displayed on particular occasions. Great tapestries were hanged on the walls of royal buildings and mansions only for the purpose of exhibitions at times.

Tapestries also served as a source of authority in the statesmanship in the middle Ages when any instructions from the rulers were laid on a throne. These were also called canopy of state.

It is interesting to know that no humane activities were depicted in images till late in the middle ages when Michelangelo first drew an image of man. So the tapestries before it could depict only natural and divine elements. Bible was a source of written quotes for the tapestry artisans for long. Before that only God and kings were allowed to be displayed over there as they were the only legitimate bearers of God's authority on earth.

The oldest tapestry that is available today in Europe is the Cloth of St. Gereon. Other well-known historical tapestries/embroideries include that of Bayeux that displays the events around the Battle of Hastings. The longest tapestry of the world is Apocalypse Tapestry. It took nine years to complete it in the year 1382.

Medieval tapestries can really be attributed the role of bringing tapestry to the present state of popularity. After the renaissance period humor and other feelings also started to be displayed on the tapestries. The techniques and materials used at that time also made it easier to copy good tapestry designs to a number of tapestries.

The Present is full of Variety:

And tapestry through this long history has reached today to this stage where you can find copies of those royal tapestries to give your home a feeling of royalty.