The Propagation Of An Ideal

The technique that had made pop art canvas a staple in every single modernist and overtly simplified home can be credited to a theory that had lead to the ultimate expression ?beauty lies in the eye of the beholder?. The pop art movement had been opened a house full of opportunity to all relativists and believers of the unique.

The relativity in the utilisation of materials and the subject of pop art canvas, a rather popular sub-branch of the movement, can be credited to the belief to which the term ?pop art? had been coined from: that change is constant. The theme and the core of pop art canvas is the perfect exemplification of the evolution of pop art.

What is new today is wrecked tomorrow. What is popular now will be weakened by the future.

Deep Inside, Each Person is an Artist

Andy Warhol had been quoted to have said, ?(i)n the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes?. A contemporary of pop art can be likened to a fertile field, an acre full of space that can be cultivated. If asked to interpret what Warhol had believed when he had said that phrase, he is supposed and expected to say, ?everything is relative?.

Pop art as a movement had desired nothing but the perfect expressionism. In their approach to relativity and uniqueness, known luminaries and proponents of pop art had not necessitated that only what is popular be rendered with their technique. It can be deduced that leaders of the movement had strived to consciously spread to the consumers the works of arts that are hidden behind the things that they had taken for granted. The ?Installation of Campbell?s Soup Cans? does not represent his obsession with the popular consumer good but of his perspective on how a mass produced can be a source of art. Further, each advertising and marketing strategy of each consumer product is the ramification of an innovation and idea. Someone behind the advertising agency had exerted effort to achieve the design that had made is so distinguishable and discernible. Irrelevant of how pure the commercial motive of the makers of the famous soup, consumers could not ignore the fact that the label and the design is one of the most vital factors where they source their trust and preference from.

Take Risk: Be an Artist

Doing is the difference between dreaming and achieving. You need to take the necessary step to know whether or not there exists within you a descendant of the movement. One of the simplest and fundamental techniques in creating your very own pop art masterpiece is to render your portrait with technologies that had been the foundation of pop art canvas.

The primary step in creating a pop art canvas is to start with the simplest and a subject that you are comfortable with: you. With digital photography, you could easily achieve a unique and true representation of an Andy Warhol work. From this point, it is best on referring to other pop art that had been done by Andy Warhol. Source your creativity from how Warhol had used colours in Mick Jagger, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Elvis Presley for a depiction that is different for each one. A colourful and vibrant portrait pop art canvas on a dull space can be as refreshing as lemonade on a Sunday afternoon.